How to Passively Improve the Air Quality of an indoor space.

ECOCARAT is made from "Allophane", a natural mineral contained in volcanic ash, which has innumerable micro-pores. This combined with the natural ionic exchange phenomenon of Allophane enables ECOCARAT to passively reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) and absorb moisture.

  • Humidity controls inhibit the spread of mold and mites which cause allergies.

  • Absorbs harmful VOC which causes sick building syndrome

  • Reduces odours containing ammonia, trimethylamine and the like, produced by pets, human waste, soiled clothing etc.

reddot Award, Best of the Best, 2018

ECOCARAT was awarded the Best of the Best in 2018 by reddot, the jury wrote:

The Ecocarat tiles fascinate with the special aesthetic of their surface that lends them outstanding properties. They are made of a porous ceramic whose absorption capacity improves overall hygiene. In a certain sense, these tiles are able to “breathe” and thereby reduce harmful substances from the air. They thus possess a special and welcome new quality for the use of tiles in interiors.

ECOCARAT, manufactured by the LIXIL Corporation in Japan, is a mature product sold in large numbers domestically and only now offered to the European market by Raven.

As well as residential applications, ECOCARAT has been improving air quality in Japanese public building such as clinics, hospitals, kindergartens, beauty parlours, spas, museums, cafes and restaurants.

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