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The vast majority of the tiles we supply end up in bathrooms and kitchens; which is great because smooth glazed tiles are ideally suited to wet areas that need to be kept clean, with our Japanese quality ensuring they look great far longer than everything else you fit out your bathroom with, however...

Porcelain tiles are perfect for outside applications. They are harder wearing than almost any other material and will continue to look as new for decades. Take a look at the exterior of pubs and underground stations built 100+ years ago and you will see the architects of the day specified facades that still look incredible today using glazed tiles. One of my favourites in London is The Blues Kitchen in Camden.

The Blues Kitchedn, Camden, London

All of our tiles are of the highest quality, with very low moisture contents, which allows them to be used outside, even in areas with low winter temperatures.

Here are some suggestions from Japan for your next facade.



Plateau Block

Plateau Block Japanese Tiles 


Hosowari Japanese Tile



Sentousai Japanese Tile


Melvin Profine

Melvin Profine

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