Shipping is split into 3 main areas, Stock from Japan, Stock from Europe and  Samples.

European Stock

These tiles represent the minority of choices but the majority by volume of what we sell. 

We hold stock in Germany and the UK. When there is stock in both locations it is clearly marked. Unless otherwise stated, the stock is located in Germany.

We use pallet deliveries to ensure the tiles reach you undamaged.

Orders are shipped the same day or the next day at the latest, depending on when it’s confirmed.

The time to reach you depends on where you are but usually no more than a week to 10 days.

The website will offer options with costs before asking for payment.

Our shipping rates are set for most areas but if you are in a remote location, please contact us to confirm the shipping cost in advance.

Stock from Japan

Sea Freight from Japan, directly to your project on pallets. This process involves 5 weeks at sea and then time on either side with customs and local movements. This can take 10-12 weeks in total. 

Sea Freight from Japan via our warehouse. If your timing is flexible, your order can hitch a ride with another order from Japan for free and you only pay for shipping from our German warehouse. 

Stock Order Confirmed Est. Depart German Warehouse
End of week no.
4 15
17 28
30 41
43 4




All of our samples are handled by our UK warehouse and we use DPD to ship all over Europe.