Raven is a brand of Solveig Ltd, based in London.

Since Brexit caused our EU customers some issues and rising concerns with shipping from the UK, we have moved our main stock to Germany.

What does this mean for you when ordering cartons of Tiles?

VAT Registred Businesses.

In Germany - You will pay German VAT to us and we report via our DE VAT return, the same as any purchase made in Germany. You will reclaim it as normal.

In the EU, not Germany - If you have a valid VAT number, you will not pay VAT to us.

In Europe, Non EU but not UK (Norway, Switzerland etc) - We will export the goods and you will pay local taxes on i as you will be familiar with.

UK - We will invoice you using our UK VAT number and you will reclaim as normal. The tiles will be dispatched from Germany but imported to the UK through our company, the result is the same as the tiles being dispatched from within the UK.


Retail Customers

UK - Normal transaction, including VAT

In the EU - We will charge you VAT at your country's rate. This is a new EU system called OSS; we then report the VAT via our German VAT return.

There are no other taxes or paperwork you need to worry about!

In Europe, Non-EU but not UK (Norway, Switzerland etc) - We will export the goods and you will pay local taxes on import as you will be familiar with.



Samples will all be dispatched from the UK to the EU under the new IOSS system for VAT.

This means you will be charged VAT at your local rate and we report using our IOSS registration.

This means no issues with the courier asking you for tax payments.

Samples to the UK are a regular transaction.


We hope this helps to clear up what has been a chaotic time for anyone involved in cross-border transactions; I'm sure we have all heard the stories!


If you have any questions, please drop us an email on info@raven.style