We have been working with Japanese Tiles for a few years now and can anticipate some of your questions. If you don't see your question here, please drop us an email on info@raven.style and we will get right back to you.


Q. Where are your tile made?

A. All of our tiles are manufactured in Japan, no exceptions!


Q. Why do I see tiles on other sites that say they are 'inspired by Japan' and look similar?

A. These are copies of our Japanese Tiles, produced in China. They are not made to the same standards and close inspection reveals the big difference in the glaze finish. What you can't see is the lower quality body material. Our Japanese tiles have a very low water content, allowing them to be used outside. 


Q. Who do you sell to?

A. We work with Europes top Architects and Interior Designers but also cater for private people buying for their own homes.


Q. Can I order samples?

A. We think samples are vitally important to your decision making processes. We have more than 340 variations ready to ship to you from our warehouse. Please order what you would like from the website.


Q. Where do you ship to?

A. We cover Europe in it's entirety but have also helped customers in other areas of the world from Russia to Mauritius. The biggest region we cannot help with is the USA, sorry guys!


Q. Where do you ship from?

A. We stock as many tiles as we can in Europe, during the summer of 2021, we  moved our warehouse from the UK to Germany. This is driven by Brexit causing too many issues for our EU based clients. When this is complete, EU customers will be invoiced in Euro and receive Intra EU delivery terms. UK and other non EU customers will notice no difference.


Q. What about VAT?

A. This is a little complicated, so we have a dedicated page here but please be reassured that we have solved the general confusion around this subject and you have nothing to worry about.


Q. What about tiles not stocked in Europe?

A. Tiles that are not available in our European stock can be pre-ordered and added to our quarterly stock order that comes from Japan. Just select the tiles you want and they will be sent to you when they arrive.


Q. How long will it take for tiles not stocked in Japan to arrive?

A. This can vary greatly. If they are in stock in Japan and we are close to a stock order, it could be 8-10 weeks. If they are tiles that are made to order, it can be up to 6 months. Email us for details, info@raven.style.



Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. Our website is all set up to cost your shipping.


Q. Is there a minimum order?

A. No, we are happy to sell you 1 carton but we can't split cartons.


Q. Is there a special way to fit these tiles?

A. Not really and any good tiler will work well with them. Please check out this page for more detail.


Q. How sustainable is your business?

A. We did a CO2 calculation for one of London based architects and found that because of the low CO2 produced for a carton of tiles coming by sea, any shipment to London coming further than Milan, Italy, would produce more CO2. Our main supplier, INAX, is very environmentally conscious, read more here.


Q. Who or what is Raven?

A. Raven is a brand of Solveig Ltd., which is an English limited company, wholly owned by husband and wife, Ian & Marion Reynolds.