If we don't have the tiles you want in our stock (Pre-Order), the most cost-effective way to get them is to add your tiles to our regular stock order.

When you place your Pre-order, it will be added to the next shipment.

It will then be sent out from our warehouse when it arrives; please select the right shipping option during checkout.

*** Due to the trouble in the Red Sea, shipments from Japan are being routed past the Horn of Africa. This is adding significant time to sea freight. Until this has been resolved, we need to abandon our schedule and will operate on an adhoc order basis, placing orders when needed. Your order will still be included on the next available stock order but we cannot anticipate when that will be placed for now. Please email ian@raven.style if you have any questions.***

We use week numbers to set the dates, for instance, the first order of the year will be finalised at the end of week 4, which is Friday 26th Jan in 2024.

It usually takes 8-10 weeks to reach our German warehouse but we quote 11 to try not to over-promise. It will then take time to reach you from there.

UK shipments will be transferred to our UK warehouse and then sent to you. This takes 2-3 weeks from arrival in Germany.

Alternatively, you can pay for dedicated sea freight directly from Japan to your project. This will appear as an option for shipping at the checkout.

Here is the schedule.

Stock Order Confirmed Est. Depart German Warehouse
End of week no.
4 15
17 28
30 41
43 4


Please do not plan installation until we confirm the order is on the last part of the journey to you from the warehouse, as sometimes sea freight is delayed without any reason!