While not outright ‘Eco-Warriors’, the directors of Raven make conscious and positive efforts to minimise their impact on the environment; they are both vegan, travel on public transport where possible, when it’s not, share a fully electric car and their home office power is supplemented by roof mounted solar panels.

The parent company of our Japanese tile manufacturer, INAX, is LIXIL Corporation and as part of one of their three core principles ‘Do the right thing’, are committed to continuing their efforts to be environmentally sound in every aspect of their businesses activities. You can read more about their effort here and download their latest statement here.

One example of actions in our ceramic factories is to reuse materials.
There are two facets of material reuse:
  1. Reuse of clay in the forming process: all leftover raw materials are recovered and reused in the forming process (power press or extrusion).
  2. Rejected finished item (after fire) are stored, separated by color, crushed, and mixed in other raw materials (clays). This crushed ceramic is called "Pitchers" or "chamotte".