As Europes only Japanese Tile specialist, we take great care to offer you the very best Japan has to offer.

The tiles we stock and source are almost infinite in their variation so we have tried to break them down into categories for you.

Stocked in EU and UK

These are our most popular tiles and we stock as much of them as we can in our warehouses in England and Germany. See the collections here - UK & EU

Stocked in Japan

These are tiles that we have selected from the vast array of tiles available from Tajimi, Japan. You can see these tiles here.

Made to Order

There are some manufacturers that make incredible tiles that we love but do not carry stock of them. These tiles need to be made especially for you. Timing of your project and the minimum order amount from the factory needs to be considered so it's best we talk about these before you order. You can see them here.

Custom Order

This is when it gets really interesting; you can create your own tiles!

This can range from, 'I want this existing tile shape with this other existing tile glaze', all the way to 'I have designed my own tile shape and glaze colour/texture'.

The possibilities are endless and we have a number of manufacturers, all with their own specialities, to make your tile dream a reality.

Applications can range from art installations through restoration replicas to low cost/high volume tiles.

This process will involve a lot of time and a higher minimum order quantity.

Please see here for more detail. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.