Yuki is one of the most popular tiles that we stock from Master Ceramicists, INAX of Japan. Yuki is made in Japan using techniques developed by INAX during the last 100 years, when they were formed as a company to make tiles for Frank Lloyd Wright for the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.

The YU-KI name is from YU meaning glaze and KI meaning seasons. The standard white colour represents winter snow, the red represents summer sun and the black represents the night sky in a mid-autumn day. The gentle curved Yuki Border form is naturally created by using split bamboo, one of the most familiar materials for Japanese people.

It is available in White, Black, Red and Ivory.

Each stick is 145x20mm, 8.5mm thick and has a slightly concave surface which reflects light beautifully. The sticks are mounted on mesh in sheets of 293x290mm and packed into cartons of 12 sheets that cover 1.01m2.

There is a slight speckling effect on all of the tiles but it’s not so obvious on the black; this combined with a naturally coloured edge on each stick makes for a wall with deep interest.

The white is not a pure white but slightly off; this shade is extremely flexible and compliments almost all other colours, including pure white items close to it.

Mounted vertically, the shape and mesh allow Yuki to be used very easily on curved walls. The mesh also minimises waste, especially if you design in multiples of the stick dimension, you simply cutting the mesh with scissors to fit the sheet to the space.

We hold stock of White and Black in London, Red can be supplied from stock in Japan and Ivory requires a minimum order of 300m2.

It is possible to make custom colours of Yuki from 100m2. We have a selection of test firings that we can show you but matt black and the range of greens work really well.