Harima Yama Sample

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Read about our specially formulated grout from Japan here.

To provide our clients with the best service possible after Brexit, we moved our main stock of tiles to a warehouse in Germany. Since then, we have also rebuilt stock in England.

The default stock position is Germany, however, tiles that are stocked in both locations are marked "(EU Stock)" or "(UK Stock)". If a tile has stock and no location specified in the name, it will be in Germany.

Pre-Orders will be received into our German warehouse

Samples are all located in our UK warehouse.

You can read what this means to you regarding Tax here

Japanese Tiles are stunning in their variety, quality and history and we know that a picture of a beautifully tiled bathroom may have led you to our website but now you are here, things just got a little more complicated!

Let me try to help... 

P.S. if you want to read this later, you will find the link in the menu's at the bottom and in the About section at the top.

Who is Raven?

We are a family-owned company that specialises in Japanese Tiles. Read more here.

We only sell tiles made in Japan to avoid any confusion about quality. Even then, we only select the best Japan offers.

How do I select a Tile?

You can search by name on the website, browse the collections or find some inspiration on our Instagram account.

Box sizes

Our box sizes are complicated. We source tiles from many factories, which all have their own way of working, so our box sizes range from 0.3m2 of tiles to 2m2. This makes the pricing a little difficult to follow but we have tried our best to keep this as transparent as possible. On each tile page, you will see the main price, this is for a box (we can only sell full boxes). Underneath this, you will see how many m2 there is in the box and then to the right of that, the equivalent price per m2. You can use this to compare the relative costs of the other tiles in our range. For instance, Koyohen, cost more per box than Yuki, but has 1.8m2 per box vs Yuki at 1m2, so costs less per m2.


We have about 50 variations of tiles in our warehouse in Germany, ready for immediate shipping. We try to keep more of the most popular tiles but predicting what our customers will need is not easy, so sometimes we run out.

We also have our most popular tiles duplicated in our UK warehouse, please select the item with (UK Stock) in the title if you are shipping to the UK.

Pre Orders

These are tiles that are stocked in Japan. When you place your order, you have two shipping options, a dedicated sea shipment directly to you or a shipment from our warehouse, that involves your tiles being shipped with our next stock order.

We have a stock shipment that comes from Japan every 3 months, see the details here

The website will allow you to order tiles that we do not have in stock on the understanding that they will come from Japan at the earliest opportunity and be sent to you. This may sound a little vague and it is because there are so many variables that we cannot say here what the general case is. If you have a specific tile that you are interested in that is not in stock, please get in touch and we will help.


While we do our best with pictures, the colours that you see may vary from the actual tile. We would recommend that you order samples to make sure you are getting what you expect. We have a collection of samples here or you can search with the tile name and select the sample product.

We have around 350 variations of samples ready to be shipped out to you.

We charge for samples for 2 reasons, the first is that they are a finite resource and we do not want to encourage waste, charging a small amount reduces this waste. The second is that stocking and processing the samples is very costly for us and what we charge for the samples contributes to this cost. When ordering tiles for your project, we will refund the cost of up to 5 samples, upon request.

Our Customers

We supply tiles to everyone, from the private person, needing 1 box for a small kitchen backsplash, to multi-national Architectural firms designing hotels. If you are in the business of construction or specifying tiles, please apply for a trade account here.

We ship all over Europe as standard but can help clients in other locations. For contractual reasons, we cannot ship to a few locations, North America being the one most requested, sorry.

Personal Service

At all stages, we offer a personal service and when you get in contact with us, it will be our Director, Ian, whom you will speak with. As the business grows, tasks are being carried out by other people, but customer enquiries are only handled by him. 

Thanks for reading and if you still have a question, please get in touch.

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