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During our last visit to our Japan manufactures, we discussed how to make Japanese custom tiles more accessible to Raven clients. The quality benefits of Japanese Tiles are significant and we can now make these more affordable for larger projects.

Firstly, there is a range of customisation.

You can specify a shape of tile you see on our website and have it glazed in a colour/texture from another tile.

All the way up to your own creation of shape/colour/texture.

As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless so we have prepared some examples for you based on 4 shape and 3 colour options.


GBP charge per m2, based on 300m2 order

Low Cost Glaze

Middle Cost Glaze Higher Cost Glaze
White Example Blue Example Metallic Example
45x95mm 71.96 78.31 84.66
22x147mm 97.35 103.7 112.17
12x97mm 105.82 114.29 122.75
52x60mm Concave Hex 118.52 126.98 135.45

 Prices exclude VAT and Shipping.

These limited examples are only a taste of what is possible from one of our many sources; see a video of more shape options here, more colour options here and a whole bunch of images we took during the factory visits here.

Contact our Director, Ian Reynolds, to discuss your project and ideas. ian@mittsugroup.com