The Architecture of Japanese Hospitality (part 1)

設え - wa no shitsurae

Hospitality in Japanese Architecture (part 1)

Each culture in the world had nurtured its own style of architecture, Japanese
architecture is alive with hospitality, and love of nature, with spirituality
being valued more than rationality and convenience in Japanese culture.


坪庭 - Tsuboniwa - Small Inner Garden

坪庭 (Tsuboniwa)” is a small garden that can be enjoyed in the house. It spread with the development of the tea ceremony. The host and guests alike enjoy all four seasons in a small garden. In addition to the spirit of hospitality, “Tsuboniwa” have also played an important role in the lighting and ventilation of densely built houses in Japan.

玄関 - genkan- Entrance

“玄関 (genkan)” is originally a Zen word in Buddhism. The entrance is the first place to welcome guests, and it is an important place as the face of the house in Japan. “Tsuboniwa” of the entrance welcome guests with seasonal plants.

The small garden and entrance feature our Sekiha tile


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