When you invest so much in gorgeous tiles, you need to ensure that the final look is perfect. 

Our tiles are of a very high quality and unless stated otherwise on their page, do not require special consideration. The only tiles that need any further treatment are the ones with an intentionally crackled glaze and they need sealed if used in a wet area.


  1. Make sure you have a professional tiler.
  2. You or your designer should decide where the tiles should start. Perhaps you might want the horizontal joints level with a sink or other visual point. Please take time with this and do not let your tiler make this decision!
  3. Consider your grout colour. Stark white grout on a tile that has a description of 'white' may not work. For instance, a light grey grout works best with our Yuki in White! Read about our Japanese Superclean Grout here. Do not let your tiler choose your grout colour!
  4. Download the adhesive guide below and give it to you tiler. This tells you which adhesive type is suitable for your tiles. 
  5. For loose tiles that are long and thin, like Arcaico, consider the joint gap. Smaller looks better but more difficult for the tiler as there is small variances in the length of the tiles. Each row of tiles should be laser levelled with the vertical joints absorbing the variance. Perhaps you can consider 2mm horizontal joints and 4 to 6mm vertical joints. Talk with your tiler about this.
The Joint is the space between tiles.
Back grooves are the ribs on the back of tile.
We have tiles that have a mixture of these things, so please take a look and see which you have.
If you have Open Joint tiles (no grout in the gaps) and you are fitting it a wet area, the adhesive needs to be the moisture barrier to the wall. Let your tiler decide this one!